Lazy Habits – RMX Digital Album + Bonus remixes


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Bundle contains 21 tracks
high quality MP3s (320kbps)
+ Cover art

01 – Processional – D.B.K Remix
02 – Ashes (The Disablists Remix)
03 – Surface Dirt (Benny Aves Remix)
04 – Even Out (Undersound Remix)
05 – Perfect Sentence (Benji Boko Remix)
06 – Ghosts – Fallen (H.C.S Remix)
07 – Memory Banks (The Correspondents Remix)
08 – Starting Fires (28 Hurtz Remix)
09 – Fades (Sona Vabos Remix)
10 – The Road (Horsepower Remix)
11 – Bulletin (28hurtz & Nutty P Remix)
12 – Drowned World (Floris Jonker Remix)
13 – Please People (Fjokra Remix)
14 – Recessional – D.B.K Remix
15 – Ghosts – On My Way /Small Screen (H.C.S. Remix)

Bonus Tracks (only available here):

16 – Bulletin (Fjokra Remix)
17 – Even Out (Hectic Remix)
18 – Fades (John Hendicott Remix)
19 – Memory Banks Feat. Miss Baby Sol (John Hendicott Remix)
20 – Starting Fires (Stinkahbell Remix)
21 – The Road (Wild Knights Remix)

This is a DIGITAL ONLY release, there is no CD available.

Release Info:

7 piece London hip-hop outfit, Lazy Habits, are proud to announce the release ‘RMX LP’, an album of exclusive remixes of tracks from their debut eponymous album ‘Lazy Habits’ via Run ‘N’ Jump Records this February.

The album contains remixes from renowned artists such as Fjokra, a multi – instrumentalist from Dublin, whose music drew the attention of Kaiser Chiefs, leading them to collaborate on an album called ‘Emerging Icons’ which was released via Unsigned Band Review. Also credited is popular artist Sona Vabos who has received strong radio support from Annie Mac, B–Traits, Nick Grimshaw, Shadow Child and Caspa. Renowned UK outfit The Correspondents bring their individual electro-swing style to ‘Memory Banks’, building upon Lazy Habits’ original, infectious hip-hop rhythms.

Other contributors include cross–genre producer 28hurtz, who combines frenetic brass and upbeat drums on ‘Bulletin’, complementing the original’s cinematic strings. The Disablists, who have been regarded as “the most innovative and exciting DJ crew in the UK right now”, prove their talent on the stunning retake on ‘Ashes’. 2013 has been a breakthrough year for The Disablists, who have worked with a diverse range of artists including Laura Mvula, Foreign Beggars, Yoda, and 2ManyDJ’s. Upcoming producer Floris Jonker also displays his exceptional musicianship – having grown up in a family devoted to classical music – with his remix of ‘Drowned World’, which fuses traditional orchestral instrumentation with electronic dance music.


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